Atlantic City Alumnae Celebrates Black History

Submitted by: Teresa McGaney-Guy

The Atlantic City Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, hosted a black history program for the participants of their Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy.  The platform was organized to assist young women in understanding where African Americans have been, where they are currently, and the greatness that has been achieved and is achievable.  Mr. William C. Smith III collaborated with sorors to present a colorful picture of black history, with its rich and positive factual strokes of greatness.

These young achievers were taken on a journey of purpose beginning with the spiritual rendition of “Go Down Moses,” led by Mr. Smith’s melodic voice.  The ladies were captivated. The story of Harriet Tubman and some high-achieving black youth followed the musical selection.

Mr. William C. Smith III continued showcasing his knowledge and storytelling talent when discussing youth entrepreneur and author, Mikaila Ulmer; a black American teenager, with a successful lemonade business.  Smith III discussed Mikaila’s lemonade business and showcased her product.   One of her many quotes teaches perseverance : “Entrepreneurs and business owners, even if you don’t see the results you want you must keep going. You don’t plant the seeds  and eat the fruit on the same day.”  

Other expositions resounded about the resilience and activism of infamous and less infamous African Americans. The exposure was designed to encourage the participants to take an active role in making positive contributions to their schools and communities. Soror Regina Smith’s motivational message to the young ladies was focused on the program’s motto “ Yes you Can.”  She said, “What you are learning tonight is for you to pass it on and that those that have gone before have left many examples of greatness.”

While the evening ended with the young ladies’ chat session regarding black greatness, it is realized that this is a new era to perform additional black greatness namely – Their Contributions, to be Continued……

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