Atlantic City Alumnae Hosts Sisterhood Strengthening Event

Submitted by Teresa McGaney-Guy

As the chapter approached the end of summer, President Cyndnee Phoinex and Vice President Robin Coleman opened up the retreat by chanting “Live and Lit” as all joined in.   Atlantic City Alumnae Chapter showed up to have a good time and create a safe space to strengthen the trust in its sisterhood as they planned for another productive year. 

The retreat was designed to get away from regular discussions and focus on building trust and strengthening relationships.  It consisted of four activities; practicing mindfulness, a trust walk and talk, and a calendar building activity.

Sorors jumped right into practicing mindfulness, as they centered their attention on the retreat’s  theme “Strengthening Our Sisterhood.” The mindfulness activity was designed to help everyone focus on their thoughts and feelings while they transitioned into watching a trust video utilized to reinforce creating a judgement free zone.  The video was filled with an ample amount of valuable information used to guide open discussions about the Delta journey. 

The most important activity sorors engaged in during the retreat was a well-designed trust building activity.  One soror shared how she relied on the guidance, trust and support of other sorors during her transition into new motherhood.  As everyone knows, reliability and trust goes hand and hand.

Sorors also participated in the popular trust walk.  This activity focused on team building and  practicing how to trust each other.  It was a powerful learning opportunity and a great finish to an amazing retreat.

Atlantic City Alumnae Chapter’s  commitment is stronger than ever.  Good times and a pleasant environment adds fuel to the chapter’s commitment to serve its community. They will continue to rely on each other to promote and sustain positive change knowing that the chapter’s sisterhood is strengthened.

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