Bronx Alumnae Hosts Inaugural Session For Youth Programs

Submitted by Tiffany Wright

On Saturday, November 11, 2023, marked a significant milestone for the Bronx Alumnae Chapter as they inaugurated their much-anticipated Dr. Betty Shabazz and Dr. Jean L Noble Delta GEMS youth programs for the 23-24 sorority year. This inaugural session centered around a pivotal theme: Physical and Mental Health, focusing on fostering healthy relationships and nurturing emotional well-being among the participants.

The session commenced with an icebreaker, providing a welcoming platform for mentors and mentees to acquaint themselves. Through this introduction, a sense of camaraderie blossomed, creating a conducive environment for the day’s discussions.

Breaking into small groups, the girls actively engaged in an insightful activity delving into the intricacies of identifying red flags indicating unhealthy relationships. By discussing scenarios across familial, friendly, and partner relationships, they learned to discern the subtle nuances between healthy and unhealthy interactions. Equipped with strategies and techniques, the mentors guided the girls on navigating and managing such situations, empowering them with essential life skills. However, the event wasn’t solely about identifying negativity; it emphasized fostering positivity and self-care. A mindfulness moment session concluded the discussions, utilizing yoga to recenter and ground the participants, ensuring they left feeling mentally rejuvenated.

To ensure ongoing mental health awareness, the girls were each provided with journals containing prompts encouraging introspection on emotions, feelings, and fostering healthy lifestyles. This tool aimed to facilitate continual reflection and growth, promoting selfawareness and emotional intelligence. The impact of the session was evident in the feedback received. Participants expressed their enjoyment and gleaned invaluable insights. One Delta GEMS participant highlighted the significance of self-love, affirming, “Loving yourself can make a difference in your aura.”

Similarly, a Delta Academy participant reflected on the diverse expressions of affection and appreciation within relationships, indicating a deepened understanding of healthy interactions. Acknowledging the importance of holistic well-being, the participants were provided with a balanced lunch and snacks, ensuring both their minds and bodies were nourished. As the session ended, the girls guided the mentors in a fun Tik Tok dance. The girls were also reminded of the tools and insights they gained, emphasizing the importance of applying these learnings in their daily lives.

In hosting this impactful session, the Bronx Alumnae Chapter set the stage for empowering young minds, fostering healthy relationships, and nurturing emotional well-being—a foundational step in shaping a brighter future for these exceptional young women.

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