Bronx Alumnae Financial Fortitude Year in Review

Submitted by Bashiyra Windley

This sorority year, the chapter focused on debt management and reduction while increasing financial literacy within the Bronx community. Here’s a brief overview of the chapter’s program:

Building Generational Wealth: In October, the chapter launched its Small Business Town Hall, “Building

Generational Wealth,” in partnership with financial advisors and the Bronx Chamber of Commerce. The event covered identifying good and bad debt, repayment strategies, and forms of wealth for financial


Cyber Week: In November, the chapter promoted local small businesses through its annual week-long social media campaign.

Pop-Up Shop: In November, on Small Business Saturday, Bronx Alumnae collaborated with The Bronx Collab, a local black-owned venue, to host a pop-up shop with seven local vendors.

Financial Vision Board Party: In January, its third annual Financial Vision Board Party, “Life After Debt,” helped 60 participants creatively visualize their financial freedom.

Credit Repair Workshop: In March, the “Fix it, Jesus! Credit Repair Workshop” focused on managing debt through understanding credit scores.

Financial Fast Challenge/Financial Literacy 101: In April, the chapter partnered with Delta Academy and Delta GEMS for “Financial Literacy 101: A Teen’s Guide to Investing in Your Financial Future,” teaching 10 girls about investing, budgeting, saving, and personal finance. The chapter also hosted the 3rd annual Financial Fast Challenge, “A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned,” a month-long challenge to save and manage debt. The challenge concluded with an in-person wrap-up at Code Red, with participants collectively saving $1,246 and paying off $13,272 in debt.

Overall, this year’s sessions were impactful, and we look forward to next year’s programming. Thank you for your continuous support.

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