Bronx Alumnae Holds Inaugural Financial Fortitude Webinar

Submitted by Trevene Walsh

The Financial Fortitude committee of the Bronx Alumnae Chapter commenced its series of empowering events on Tuesday, October 17, 2023, with a groundbreaking webinar titled “Building Generational Wealth: A Discussion on Debt Management and Achieving Financial Freedom.”

The primary aim of this virtual session was to equip participants with the essential knowledge and resources required for effective financial management. The insightful discussion featured a distinguished panel comprising representatives from the Bronx Chamber of Commerce, alongside esteemed financial experts from Equitable and Next Level Planning.

To gauge the baseline understanding of budgeting and debt management strategies among participants, a preliminary survey was conducted before the event. The session proved invaluable as it delved into the intricate aspects of debt management, acknowledging its complexity while empowering attendees with pertinent information and practical tools to secure their financial future.

Participants engaged in enlightening discussions centered on investment strategies and diverse debt payment options. Moreover, the webinar provided a comprehensive understanding of debt evaluation, distinguishing between good and bad debt, and formulating effective repayment strategies.

The impact of the session was profound, evident in the post-event survey results. Attendees affirmed that the webinar significantly contributed to their ability to devise plans aimed at reducing financial risk, optimizing their capability to meet financial objectives, and ultimately paving the way for generating wealth for future generations.

The success of this inaugural webinar underscores the commitment of the Bronx Alumnae Chapter in fostering financial literacy and empowerment within the community. As the Financial Fortitude committee continues its journey of enlightening sessions, it remains dedicated to providing invaluable insights and tools necessary for securing financial well-being and prosperity for all. The Bronx Alumnae Chapter eagerly anticipates further engagements aimed at empowering financial freedom and building a legacy of fiscal strength for generations to come.

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