Bronx Alumnae Makes Heart Health A Priority

Submitted by Tiffany Wright

To ignite a robust sense of heart health awareness within the vibrant Bronx community, the Bronx Alumnae Chapter’s Health and Wellness Committee orchestrated an event that delved into the disparities, risk factors, and preventive strategies associated with heart disease. While American Heart Month traditionally takes center stage in February, the chapter’s commitment is to sustain a year-round focus on heart health, recognizing the pervasive impact of heart disease in our community.

The event boasted a stellar lineup of distinguished speakers and vendors, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of heart health. Esteemed panelists included Soror Carn, a seasoned project manager in public health; Dr. Minnette Francis Haden; Soror Skinner Parkes, an experienced RN; and Soror Richburg, an accomplished RN. Guiding our discussions was the capable moderator and Dr. Veronie Lawrence. The array of vendors showcased the Delta Research and Educational Foundation (DREF), LaCasita, a Student Organization offering blood pressure measurements, dynamic physical trainers from Fitt 4 Life, and the expertise of Yoga Instructor Tage Anadi Williams.

Kicking off with each expert sharing invaluable insights on heart health and advocacy, the event seamlessly transitioned into a dynamic panel discussion. The culmination of the evening was marked by a rejuvenating Yoga session, leaving attendees enlightened and invigorated. Participants received complimentary Yoga Mats, Bomba socks, stress balls, and informative handouts as a gesture of encouragement. The excitement further escalated with the awarding of four raffle prizes, including Yoga Mats, a cutting-edge health monitoring smartwatch, and a coveted healthy heart cookbook.

This event served as a platform to educate and empower our community, instilling a sense of urgency to prioritize heart health and embrace proactive measures to prevent heart disease. The holistic approach, combining informative discussions with engaging activities, reinforced the chapter’s commitment to the well-being of Bronx community members.

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