Bronx Alumnae Moves Community Closer To Generational Wealth

Submitted by Junita Carn

The Financial Fortitude Committee of the Bronx Alumnae Chapter held its Second Annual Vision Board Party on Jan. 7, 2023. Putting a spin on the traditional vision board, our participants focused on their financial goals and brought them to life! In preparation for creating the vision boards, participants were asked to define what financial freedom means to them, what steps are needed to get closer to financial freedom, brainstorm their goals, and make them SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound).

In smaller groups, the event drew inspiration from each other and noticed several common elements such as debt reduction, emergency funds, saving for a specific purchase, early retirement, and long-term investing. Now, it was time to put pen to paper! The creative juices were flowing and were showcased on everyone’s individual boards, and the use of mixed materials allowed the group to convey their visions in a very artistic manner. Participants volunteered to share their boards with the group, and many of realized that they had acquired some financial skills over the years but appreciated the opportunity to gain additional knowledge from their peers and the program. The conceptualized vision boards will provide a concrete foundation for the committee’s upcoming Financial Fast, which will run from April 1 – April 30.

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