Calling All Sorors Home!

Submitted by Marcella McCoy and Dana McCutchen

The tradition of welcoming back alumni, celebrating, and taking time to reminisce on those nostalgic moments from our college days. As a chapter, this homecoming experience is an opportunity for the members of Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter (PAC) to cultivate an atmosphere for sorors who may be inactive, welcoming them back to the sisterhood. So, how fitting is it that PAC celebrated its own Delta Homecoming in November, during Reclamation Month.

The Membership Services Committee, under the leadership of Dr. Penny Sparks Nixon, hosted a lively homecoming themed chapter meeting to kick-off Reclamation Month. As sorors arrived and entered the chapter meeting venue, they were greeted by sorors cheering their arrival with red and white pom-poms. Sorors had the opportunity mingle, shop the vendors, and enjoy a breakfast snack with good ol’ marching band music playing in the background, then transitioned to Delta business. College pennants decorated the walls, but the best adornment was the pride and joy as sorors showed off the college shirts and accessories integrated into their business attire for the homecoming theme. Sorors represented from colleges and universities from the East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, and South; and sorors who are HBCU graduates made sure their HBCU was properly represented.

The chapter was elated to welcome 30 visiting sorors, which included several sorors visiting from collegiate chapters. PAC members enjoyed applauding visiting sorors from their alma maters during the introductions. Visiting sorors were supported by a PAC Soror Companion throughout the meeting, and after. Soror Companions help guide visiting sorors during their visit, welcomes and introduces the visiting soror to the Chapter, and check-ins with the soror at various times. This was especially impactful on this day.

PAC members most certainly used their sisterly spirit to make Delta connections. Following the chapter meeting, the marching band music resumed, and the PAC Social Media chairs corralled sorors across the Delta generations for alma mater photos and video.

PAC remains committed to Reclaim, Affirm, and Retain to Empower our Sisterhood!

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