Chester Alumnae Partners With Upsilon Pi To Address Maternal Health

Submitted by Lori Staples

Chester Alumnae (PA) and Upsilon Pi Chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. sponsored an in-person Women’s Health Program Planning event as part of Black Maternal Health Week. Black women are three times more likely to experience maternal mortality. It’s important to advocate for your health and be encouraged to have regular doctor visits while learning about your body at all stages.

The primary focus of the event was to focus on reproductive health, exploring PCOS and Fibroids while providing a safe space for the ladies to be vulnerable in sharing their experiences. Attendees were educated on different disorders that can impact women of various ages. There were other discussions about the challenges and pain some women experience during their menstrual cycles. Participants also  were encouraged to discuss with their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, etc, about any reproductive and maternal health challenges they have experienced in their family.

Other topics discussed included the signs and symptoms and the medical professional’s contacts to consult with if someone is experiencing anything any of the symptoms discussed. Additionally, two people shared their personal experiences with PCOS and Fibroids. Both shared how their diagnoses impacted their fertility and their journey to pregnancy.

The participants were so engaged in the discussion that there was no time remaining for guests to complete the survey. However, it was evident through guest participation and positive verbal feedback that the event was a success. Many guests shared that they do not have many people to talk to about these issues/concerns. This provided validation, and some indicated that they were planning to make their first appointment to see an OB-GYN or intend to call to discuss some of their feelings.

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