Delta ERT Presents “Women Stay Woke”

Submitted by Sabrina Scott-Feggins and Leslie Fletcher

The Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter (PAC) is commemorating its 95 years of service with a year-long partnership with the nonprofit Life Turning Point of Philadelphia (LTPP).   LTPP provides wraparound services for women and their children who have experienced homelessness.

On Thursday Nov. 17, 2022, the PAC Emergency Response Team presented a safety program called, “Women Stay Woke,” to five women who reside at the Life Turning Point facility.  The presenters included active members of the Philadelphia Police Department, Deputy Commissioner Robin Wimberly, and Lieutenant Quiana Richardson, who is a Soror, as well as a member of the PAC ERT. Sorors Sabrina Scott-Feggins, co-chair of ERT and ERT member, Nichole Turner, were also in attendance and participated in the discussion.

The presentation focused on making the women aware of the increase in certain crimes that target women, such as armed robbery, assault, carjacking, domestic violence, and offering tips on how best to stay safe and avoid becoming victims of these crimes. The presentation was more like a fireside chat, and the residents were very interested in the topics and actively engaged with officers and ERT members.

Thanks go to chapter sorors who provided babysitting services to the children of the women who participated in the workshop.

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