Frederick County Alumnae Welcomes Nikki Giovanni

Submitted by Olivia White

Award-winning poet, Nikki Giovanni, brought her poetry to an enthusiastic audience at Hood College in Frederick, MD, Feb. 22, 2022. A large delegation of sorors, representing Frederick County Alumnae Chapter and surrounding chapters, warmly greeted Soror Giovanni and roundly applauded her theme of the importance of African-American stories in understanding the ongoing struggle for democracy in the United States. The diminutive writer talked about many things, including segregation and the participation of our Founders in the 1913 Women’s Suffrage March.

Before Giovanni’s riveting presentation, Hood College President Andrea Chapdelaine awarded her the President’s Medal. Soror Giovanni recited the last part of her work, Rosa Parks, where she spotlighted the thread linking the Pullman porters to Emmitt Till to Rosa Parks.

At the end of the presentation, sorors serenaded Soror Giovanni with the Sweetheart Song. Soror Giovanni wrote a handwritten note of appreciation to the college.

“Thank you and the Hood family for such a lovely visit,” she said. “Please share my enjoyment with everyone, especially my sorors who were so kind to come.”

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