ER Social Action Offers Tips To Earn A Seat At the Table

Submitted by Nadiyah Frasier

As Delta women who are community servants, the Eastern Region Social Action Committee (ERSAC) wants to show how board service is another way to be involved and influence policies that govern our country.

On June 21, the ERSAC, co-chaired by Nicole Y. Drew, Esq. and our Eastern Regional Representative, Jerra Holdip, hosted the webinar, Are you RED-y? Preparing for Appointed Positions.  Participants were greeted by the committee co-chairs, National Social Action Commission Liaison, Allora Goode Cyrus, and our Eastern Regional Director, Rosie Allen-Herring.

The panelists, who were also sorors, were:

Charlotte Barnes, Director of Human Resources, City of Wilmington (DE); Tisha Edwards, Secretary of Appointments, State of Maryland; Dr. Karen Dubois Walton, Chair, Connecticut State Board of Education; and Rev. Dr. Tamara E. Wilson, Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture. The panel was moderated by National Social Action Commissioner, Kimberly Robinson, Esq.

The panelists empowered and energized sorors with the tools needed to serve our communities. Soror Robinson kicked off the panel discussion asking, Why is board and commission service important?  Notably, Soror Edwards emphasized the importance of engaging in the system that controls lives and the importance of being a part of the government that makes the decisions for the community. “WE become the THEY driving policies in our communities.” In order to inspire the next generation of change makers, the panel dived into how to be a successful applicant. The panelists let participants know that no matter what your interest is, you have a PLACE. The panelists also helped provide insight into how to be a successful applicant, including the vetting process, using your history of service, social media presence, displaying the best representation of yourself, and tools to network. 

Collegiate members can also benefit by joining boards and commissions.  Soror Dubois Walton instructed collegiates who are interested to assess their commitments with school and look for a mentor. Networking is an important tool and Delta is an amazing way to display leadership and experience.

The panel concluded with the IMPACT and why our  VOICES matter on boards and commissions:

  • You do not have to be an expert but have a passion for the work.
  • Be a multiplier and create a seat at the table for Black women
  • Change the direction of decision making
  • Advocate for the voiceless

The webinar also included important reminders for chapters and members for engagement during the election season.  Members of the ERSAC – Nas Afi, Maryland State Social Action Coordinator, Alicia Benjamin-Stennett, New Jersey State Social Action Coordinator, Nadiyah Fisher, Collegiate Social Action Liaison (DE/NJ/PA), and Jerra Holdip, Regional Representative – provided tips to ensure we protect the Delta brand.  

Remember: Delta (a 501(c)(7)) CANNOT lobby, support or fundraise for candidates but Delta’s affiliate organization D4 Women in Action (a 501(c)(4)) CAN.  Sorors may ONLY support candidates as an INDIVIDUAL and outside of chapter activities. 

For the Recording and Additional Reminders, visit

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