Philadelphia Alumnae Makes A Difference with Spare Change

Submitted by: Sorors Concetta Lilly, Trina McLaine, Co-Chairs, International Awareness & Involvement Committee

In September 2023, the International Awareness & Involvement Committee of the Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter set out on a sustainability journey to raise $1000 for the students at The Delta House/Vashti Village in Eswatini. The purpose of this challenge was to support the living accommodations of the students who have become orphaned by parents who have died from HIV/AIDS. This funding will support the maintenance of the physical structure, school fees, health care, and technology equipment.

Chapter members were challenged to engage in a friendly competition to see which soror would bring in the best-decorated container of any shape or size filled with spare change each month. The challenge began on Oct. 1, 2023, and ran through Dec. 2, 2023. The winner would receive a gift card to Starbucks, Bath and Body Works, or Macy’s. To help reach the goal, the committee decided to add a caveat for sorors who did not choose to decorate a container but wanted to support this initiative. The committee decorated a catchall bottle for sorors to deposit any loose change or paper currency.

Contest judges were Past Presidents Monica Johnson Taylor, Cynthia Muse, and MarvaLisa Scott. They were tasked with selecting the best decorated container each month and the winner was selected by unanimous decision. In the month of October, seven sorors donated containers that were eligible for competition. The winner was Soror Barbara Williams. In November, six sorors donated change; however, only four containers were decorated and eligible for competition. Again, Soror Barbara Williams won. In December, 12nsorors donated containers, and 10 were eligible for competition. The December winner was Soror Dawn Morgan-Moore.

As the chapter concluded its journey to raise funds to support the students at the Delta House/Vashti Village, the International Awareness & Involvement Committee was overjoyed at the support received from chapter members. Finally, recognizing that every penny counts, the chapter is happy to announce that it exceeded its goal and raised $1081.21.

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