Princess Anne Alumnae’s May Week Transforms Communities

Submitted by Sonya Whited

From May 1 through 4, the Social Action Committee of Princess Anne Alumnae Chapter hosted May Week events focused on serving the Maryland Social Action Priorities and aligning with the needs of the Shore communities in the chapter’s service area of Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester County of Maryland.  The May Week activities covered four topics:

May 1:  Broadband – How to ensure the communities within the service areas attain the necessary broadband and technology to maintain relevance today.  This included a discussion with the panel, grant awardees with the emphasis on eliminating the number of families living without broadband, high speed internet connectivity.

The panelists highlighted the need for broadband and high-speed internet connection on the Maryland Eastern Shore.  This included reviewing future plans to provide resources, training, and access to affordable broadband internet service in an intentional effort to decrease the number of families and communities affected by the lack of access to internet usage. Studies show that access to the World Wide Web provides an opportunity to educate and improve the lives of everyone.

May 2: Meet the Mayor of Crisfield

This was an opportunity to learn from the new mayor, Soror Darlene Taylor of Crisfield about her plans to increase the economy, increase tourist attractions, and make the area a safe space for the residents of Crisfield. Definitely exciting opportunities to partner as the chapter can assist in moving Mayor Taylor’s agenda.

May 3: Improving Mental Health Moving Forward was a panel discussion the impact of the COVID pandemic on Mental Health.

With Panelists Jeri Jones, MSW, LCSW-C who has more than 25 years serving the lower Eastern Shore and beyond as counselor, and 

Dr. Christa Gilliam, PHD MSW Chair of Social Work at Coppin State University, the discussion answered questions centered around mental health issues apparent since COVID pandemic. Other areas included how the pandemic affected mental health and how to resolve these issues including counseling and promotion a healthy lifestyle.  

Recommendations include connecting with having a counselor as a part of your medical team such as a dentist; instead of waiting to identify a counselor, while in crisis mode.  That positions one to navigate life and manage crises more effectively. 

May 4: The chapter focused on Recession Proofing your Finances with Lyndsae’ Peele, MBA, PMECTM, a results-driven finance coach, international speaker, and black wealth advocate. During the informative and “real” discussion, she shared her story and how she became a finance coach, defined “recession” and how it plays out in our personal households. She provided general advice on how to prepare to avoid being negatively impacted, how to save more, spend less and learn different tools of investing.

These virtual sessions were successful in providing information and engaging attendees.  The week ended with an epic celebration of the chapter chartering, which was on May 5, 1979.

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