Rancocas Valley Alumnae: Making an Impact in Burlington County

Submitted by Shawn Harvey Roberson

The Rancocas Valley Alumnae Chapter (RVAC) hosted a series of financial wellness and career workshops that gave participants insight into how to build wealth and build their careers.  The thought-provoking and engaging workshops targeted seven areas in Burlington County that make up nearly half of the county’s African-American population.

The “Conversation on Building Wealth” featured The Momentum Advisors, a black-owned wealth management firm.  They advised 83 workshop participants that building up a cash reserve, paying down high-interest debt, obtaining life insurance, and maxing out retirement savings helps build a foundation for wealth.  Allan Boomer, Founder, stressed the importance of compound interest, “the 8th wonders of the world.”  Soror Andrea Gray, Managing Director, took participants through a real-world scenario that showed why both high- and low-risk investments are essential.  Participants were inspired as speakers offered an intensely personal touch and provided practical guidance with a side of tough love. 

Based on feedback from survey respondents, the next workshop was “The Budget Reboot”.  Soror Jocelyn Wright, Founder and Managing Partner of the Ascension Investment Advisors, Inc., led this high-impact workshop.  This workshop, with more than forty 40 participants, focused on budgeting strategies and everyday tips to start the year on the right foot.  Soror Wright led a rich and insightful discussion about managing cash flow, reducing debt and developing an annual savings plan.  Nearly all workshop participants agreed that they increased their knowledge of budgeting and that they learned something that they will put into action.

The Career Reboot” featured talent acquisition expert, Sandy Khan.  Khan shared valuable techniques for preparing for the job search as well as the “inside scoop” from a recruiter’s perspective.  The chapter’s Grow with Google Leads, Iraina Witherspoon and Nicole Doss, also provided job search techniques using Google Tools.  There were 63 participants, of which 97% were female, which supported the chapter’s Grow with Google goals.  After the workshop, members shared websites and tools to ensure continuous learning and support.

On average, 90% of the participants rated the workshops as “excellent”.  Seventy percent  “significantly increased” their knowledge of wealth building, budgeting and job search.  Most importantly, 77% of survey respondents “strongly agreed” that they would act on what they learned, with some participants securing employment offers after the workshop.  Rancocas Valley Alumnae Chapter is grateful for its speakers that generously gave of their time and wisdom to give all the building blocks for their wealth and career journeys!

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