Southern Africa Alumnae Shows Support for Black Businesses

Submitted by Tunuka M. Gray

For the Regional Day of Service (RDoS) for the Eastern Region, members of the Southern Africa Alumnae Chapter (SAAC) supported several Black-owned businesses for its first anniversary, April 11, 2022.  The SAAC First Anniversary Committee made the strategic decision to support Black-owned businesses in the United States and in Africa to demonstrate the bond that not only connects the U.S. and the African continent, but to also illustrate the significance of SAAC’s conscious endeavor and intention to support these businesses.  Most items in SAAC’s first anniversary swag bag came from Black-owned businesses.  Though SAAC members supported various businesses for the RDoS, the chapter’s commissioned scarf designed and created by Soror Simone Hand in the United States and the anniversary necklace co-designed by SAAC and produced by South African business, Pretty Anointed Hands are featured.   The SAAC swag bag also included a red, matte lipstick from The Lip Bar, LLC owned by Soror Melissa Butler. 

SAAC members pride themselves on honoring their ancestors by being good citizens and stewards of their talents.  Entrepreneurship stands out in SAAC.  Soror Yvette Gayle is co-founder of The African Agency, a talent agency representing talent around the continent.  She also owns The Sitota Collection, a luxury candle and soap company.  SAAC President Sherida Stevens owns real estate company, Sherida Properties.  Country Coordinator, Soror Angela Pulliam-Gillespie, is CEO of APG Global Enterprises, LLC, a brand supporting black women entrepreneurs in Johannesburg.  Soror Cherae Robinson is founder and CEO of Tastemakers Africa, an award-winning travel technology company connecting curious travelers to trips and experiences in Africa.  Soror Kerry Scott is the founder and creative designer of Global Glam Kapemonos, LLC, one-of-a-kind reversible African kimonos.  Soror Marcia Payne owns law firm Wright Law & Advocacy as well as Sweet Mossie’s, a popular culinary company.  Soror Mildred Kaunda owns Cutting Edge, a strategic communications firm based in Lusaka, Zambia dedicated to helping clients achieve a voice in the marketplace. 

Black business is not just what sorors of the Southern Africa Alumnae Chapter support; it is who they are.  The chapter will continue to support black-owned businesses and work to help them thrive.  On this Regional Day of Service, SAAC honored and saluted black-owned businesses in the United States and Africa. 

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