The Power of Sisterhood

Submitted by Teresa McGaney-Guy

We are living in a pivotal time and more so than ever, we are recognizing our strengths and using our voices to uplift the community and each other. Our continuous efforts help us to find power in ourselves to effect societal change.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, during the month of March, the women of Atlantic City Delta Alumnae chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated bonded together to help the community while continuing to enjoy each other’s company.

The chapter kicked off the month with a step challenge by tracking the number of steps each took walking or running. Teams were formed to create a friendly competition while also encouraging healthy living.

While keeping focus on the benefits of the local community, chapter members marched into its Adopt-a-Road monthly project.  In the name of sisterhood, they continue to clean the environment to assist with giving pride to the community in hope that the project will serve as a reminder not to liter and in doing so it help save tax-payers money.

As the sorority is based on community service and helping others, members of the chapter gathered in the parking lot of a local charter school for a men’s clothing drive.  Collecting items from underwear to socks allowed them to donate more than 350 items to the NAACP-Whiteboro location.  Area churches, homeless shelters and the regional hospital benefited from the donations.

Committed to helping a minority business flourish, in honor of the Regional Day of Service, the power of the purse was in full force, as Atlantic City Alumnae members gathered at the mall on a united front to support a local Black, women-owned business. Enjoying “Nana’s Good Puddin,” they communicated to friends and families the skills of the owner who make the delicious dessert.  As everyone knows, word of mouth is the best advertisement.

At the conclusion of the chapter’s sisterhood month, they connected virtually worshipping with sisters from West Africa to hear the word and songs of praise. The power of the word helps keep the chapter and its members strong, humble and committed to the mission.

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