Trenton Alumnae Finishes Sorority Year Strong

Submitted by Dr. Charise Breeden-Balaam

As the chapter draws the curtains on this biennium, Trenton Alumnae remains steadfast in its commitment to making a meaningful impact on communities. As they bid adieu to the 2023/2024 sorority year, their dedication to serving both local and global communities stands resolute.

During this period, the International Awareness & Involvement Committee orchestrated a remarkable feat, collecting a staggering 72 bags of shoes. These efforts supported two Delta Schools: Cherette Elementary School in Cherette, Haiti, and I Can Fly High International School in Machakos, Kenya.

Simultaneously, sorors of the Social Action Committee and the Physical and Mental Health Committee convened a thought-provoking virtual discussion titled “Let’s Talk Maternal Health.” This crucial dialogue stemmed from eye-opening data, including an analysis by USA Today, which ranked New Jersey fifth-worst in the nation for maternal deaths per 100,000 births from 2012 to 2016, and 14th a few years later. Such disparities hit close to home, particularly in Trenton, New Jersey’s capital city, where alarming rates of maternal and infant health disparities persist, especially within the Black and Hispanic communities.

In response to these pressing issues, the chapter’s very own Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson took action. Inspired by the need for change, she spearheaded the establishment of a Trenton-based New Jersey Maternal and Infant Health Innovation Center. This initiative aims to collaborate with state departments and agencies, driving forward advancements in maternal and infant healthcare, education, policymaking, research, and more, with a keen focus on eliminating racial disparities.

In the spirit of sisterhood, the Social Action and Physical and Mental Health Committees orchestrated a virtual conference, inviting esteemed speakers including Rosalee Boyer, Director of Salvation and Social Justice/GMZ, Lisa Asare, CEO of NJ Maternal Health Innovation Authority, and Ria Rodey, Doula. They were honored to have New Jersey’s First Lady Tammy Murphy join, expressing her gratitude for shedding light on a cause close to her heart.

This event provided a platform for robust discussion, empowering the audience to delve into the importance of informed voting and advocating for issues that resonate with the community. As Trenton Alumnae wraps up the sorority year, they take pride in awarding $24,000 in scholarships to deserving young individuals, easing the financial burdens of higher education.

As they transition into the summer months, their work persists, with plans underway for the New Jersey Statewide Founders Day. Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Holmes, President of TAC, the chapter continues to embody resilience and growth, forging ahead with fortitude.

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