Atlantic City Alumnae – Social Action & Healthy Lifestyles

Atlantic City Alumnae Day of Services

By Teresa McGaney-Guy

Atlantic City Alumanae Chapter Social Action and Healthy Lifestyles planned a day of service,
that would make an impact on our community.

While many may not know, Sickle Cell Disease is an inherited blood disorder that occurs more
commonly in African Americans. Hosted by the Brothers of Upsilon Alpha Chapter, Omega Psi
Phi Fraternity, we joined forces to help raise funds for Sickle Cell research and awareness. We
started out walking on the boardwalk for this charitable event before migrating to the park to
gear up and focus on registering community members to vote.

Felica Johnson, chairperson of the social action committee organized the group to take action in
the park as the Atlantic City Alumanae members assembled together to empower the
community with a Voters’ Registration drive and to assist souls to the polls during the Latino
Festival in Atlantic City.
As committee members enjoyed the festivities they simultaneously took care of important

The objective was to inform the community and show enthusiasm about voting. Time was
spent sharing and discussing information about voting requirements, procedures and ensuring
the community was aware of the voting schedule. Guidance was also provided on how to get
assistance with the voting process.
A well informed voter will spread the word and assist with increasing voter turn-out. “When
you vote, you are heard! You have the power to place the right person in charge of your
community, state, and country.” (Felicia Johnson)